Expand Who You Truly Are – The Launch of the Evolutionary Creators Network

I am excited to announce the anticipated launch of the Evolutionary Creators Network. The network will support people who wish to build the momentum to pursue the projects they love. The community will consist of Evolutionary Creators (people who are committed to kick start their journeys) and Contributors (people who are already on their path…

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Photoreading Video Image

An Overview of the Photoreading Strategy & How it Changed My Life

Whether you are an ambitious student or someone who wants to evolve their learning strategy for business or leisure purposes, Photoreading can provide a fun and alternative way to accelerate your learning. With so many books available on the market (for any given subject) it is common to feel overwhelmed with projects which require high volumes…

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Overcome Fear to Achieve Goals with Creative Visualization

Activate Performance Brilliance with Creative Visualization

Do you often suffer from the fear of failure and anxiety which affects your performance for practical examinations, tests or public performance activities? We all know that fear can sometimes hold us back from taking the right action to achieve key goals in our life. However, what is cool is that we can transform our inner…

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Energise food for optimal health new image

The Energise & Bless Your Food 30 Day Challenge

It seems that some cooks have a magical touch for creating meals that feel vibrant in energy and taste. So what is the secret? Well perhaps the answer is simpler than we can imagine. In this video I interview the charismatic Conscious Chef (John Paul Brannan) who has been working within the food industry for 20 years and cooked for…

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The Key Steps for Building Work Life Harmony

The Key Steps for Reducing Stress & Building Work Life Harmony

Would you like to have more confidence and harmony with your working life? If so let us help you. In this day and age everyone is busy – either busy with our day jobs or busy creating new opportunities for change. It takes time and energy to carry out our daily missions to earn money,…

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Coming Up

Coming up next on CFE!

I am excited to announce the next videos in the series to be launched ~ so watch this space :). 1) The Key Steps for Building Work Life Harmony. Here I interview Mike Cayenne on how to rekindle the passion, harmony and manage stress at work in order to have the time and energy to…

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Watch this for total relaxation

Relaxing Piano Music with Waterfalls & Words of Wisdom – “Nature’s Spirit of Creativity” Video

“Life is a constant movement of spontaneous change. Either we resist it or keep moving – creativity is movement.”  I have created a Soft Relaxing Piano music track called “Nature’s Spirit of Creativity” as an uplifting and supportive companion for life’s many challenges. Everyone has a unique life story and journey to pursue, and the…

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Obliterate Overwhelm with Positive Self Talk

Overcome Overwhelm with Empowering Positive Self Talk Affirmations

Do you ever feel that time is against you for getting things done? Too much to do with tight deadlines and overwhelming pressure? Sometimes there is no escape from the working life. The feeling of overwhelm and stress is all too common for this day and age. Affirmations (a form of prayer that focuses on…

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3 Steps To Manifest Your Goals Into Reality

How to Energise & Manifest Your Goals Into Reality with The Power of Intention

Hey can I share a secret with you? Did you know that you can energise your intentions to manifest your goals into reality? Well everything you need to know will be revealed here. If you would like to know a SIMPLE and SUPER-FAST method to blast away self doubt and supercharge your intentions so you…

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Heart of Flow Video Image

Heart of Flow No 1 – Soft Piano Music with Creative Flow Quotes

I am excited to announce a new development for the series. I would first like to give a BIG THANK and personal WELCOME for everyone who has followed Creativeflowevolution since it’s launch in January 2013.  It has been SO INSPIRING to connect to people who love creativity As this is a place where we can…

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