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Supporting people who are tired of having their creative passions & projects on the backburner ~ build the energy, focus and momentum to do what they LOVE.


How would you feel if you woke up everyday knowing that you are creating what you mostly desire in life?

“There is a shift of consciousness happening right now in the world. People are seeking new ways to contribute to the world, and the desire to be more creative has never been so strong.” Paul Darren Grout.

CFE’s purpose:To help people build the motivation, confidence and momentum to focus their creative energy on work and projects which matter to them, whilst living on their own terms.

CFE’s mission: to build an on-line resource and community where artists, visionaries and entrepreneurs support each other to turn their creative dreams into reality.

So, do you have a burning desire to unlock your inner barriers of creativity and uncover your full artistic potential? Perhaps you want to unlock the time, energy and momentum to pursue the work & projects you love.

Well, it just so happens you’re in the right place.

Here you will find:

  • Success stories on how people have moved from a place of struggle and uncertainty to discovering their productive flow to live out their personal life missions.
  • Advice and tips on overcoming resistance and building the foundational strength to do what you LOVE
About the name…

What can CFE help you with?

Create the life you have always visualised. There is no more waiting!

CFE can help you to…

  • take steps towards opening new doors of opportunity
  • discover the excitement in everyday living
  • have the strength to overcome creative blocks and self sabotage for productive success.
  • uncover the time, energy to bring into existence the creations you wish to manifest
  • develop a sense of leadership and purpose
  • live everyday with true purpose

My storyIt’s far harder and more painful to be a blocked artist than it is to do the work

Hi, my name is Paul Grout and I’m the founder of Creative Flow Evolution.

Once upon a time, I felt a burning passion to do something different in my life.  For years I had an unshakable desire to direct my creative energy towards a project which allowed me to pursue and keep doing the creative work I love. I desired to have a project which gave me a sense of direction, purpose and feeling that I was contributing more to the world. Creative Flow Evolution has opened the doors of opportunity for me to start this exciting journey, and since launching the programme I have never looked back.

I am now on a mission to help people build the momentum to work on projects that inspire them. Because I believe what we do is what we become, and for sure I am going to allow my actions to become aligned with what I truly believe in. So I welcome you to join my on this journey where creativity has no end path.

“Creativity is within us all”

Paul Grout (Founder of Creativeflowevolution)I have experienced Creative Flow through my love of dancing, singing, playing the guitar, piano and leading my band as a musician. I love being creative and enjoy any activity that challenges me. I have enjoyed my career as a manager, coach, and healer and wish to embark on a journey to help creative people identify their passions, strengths and talents to focus on creating their desired lifestyle.

To find out more about my life story click here


The Reason Why…

Imagine a world where everyone was expressing unlimited creativity whilst experiencing peace, harmony and a sense of purpose for the what they do.

A world where ideas become an unlimited potential for success, change, growth and contribution. A place where dreams become reality through the pursuance of activities that empower creative abilities, skills, talents and strengths. A place where we can all experience work and a lifestyle which inspires us. What would it look like?

I believe that the world can be a different place when we start to connect to our full creative potential and focus on building the foundations of personal success through dedication, commitment whilst tapping into our productive flow to turn work into an activity of pure enjoyment. We are all different and at the same time have the potential to create what we want in our lives.

On this site we are here to lead a revolution of people who want to live their purpose, discover their passions and utilise their creative resource to manifest their life goal desires.

Don’t be mistaken it takes work, dedication and commitment to achieve what you want. The key is to focus on developing your skill, knowledge and experience of what you desire. Once you start building the momentum to work towards your goal the process of flow will develop to allow speed of accomplishment to accelerate. Like the musician who has learn’t to play a famous riff or the Martial Artist has practiced amazing techniques for self protection. The application of the art soon becomes second nature, and the efforts appear almost effortless whilst producing results which have an impact. We can all reach this creative flow state which is an optimal experience.

Those who experience flow feel strong, active, creative, focussed and motivated. Happiness is created from the process of experiencing accomplishment through harmony. Flow naturally occurs when we build momentum, have clear goals and drive actions towards success.

Life is determined by choice and action and once you have found your creative flow life will synchronise itself to support your intentions.

Daniela Mallozzi (Singer Song Writer) – Talks about what Creative Flow means to her


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We do not make any claims that guarantee you will get results with the information products on this website. Because it’s up to you to do the work. We believe, however, that if you stay focused and persistent with your actions good things will happen for you. We just want to help by giving great content, direction and strategies that move you forward.

Thank you for stopping by. Until next time, keep creating what you love

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