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I am excited to announce the next videos in the series to be launched ~ so watch this space :).

1) The Key Steps for Building Work Life Harmony.

Here I interview Mike Cayenne on how to rekindle the passion, harmony and manage stress at work in order to have the time and energy to pursue other avenues & passions outside of the day job.

2) How to Energise Food for Optimal Health.

Would you like to know a simple and fun way to enliven your food, boost it’s nutritional quality as well as overall taste? On this video I interview the charismatic Conscious Chef on “How to Energise Food for Optimal Health”. On this video we shall reveal:

  1. The health benefits of giving love and attention to the preparation of food
  2. How positive intentions change the molecular structure and longevity of food
  3. The key steps to prepare and energise food to boost nutritional quality, its taste and much more….

3) The Art of Completing Tasks.

Do you find it a challenge to complete the most important tasks for high impact results? No worries because this video reveals simple techniques to get task management into gear.

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Thank you for reading and keep doing what you LOVE. Paul Grout

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