How to Create a Superfast Vision Board Movie (in 5 Easy Steps)


In this video I talk about how I created a Vision Board Movie within 5 easy steps. This is the second video of a three part series. The below steps is the superfast strategy I used to create the Vision Board Movie as demonstrated on the video. Give yourself a time limit for each step and enjoy the process.

I managed to create one using the following process within 30 minutes.

Step 1 – Write down what you like to attract and experience in your life. Write in a context of “I am running a success business” or “I am traveling the world” or “I live in a beautiful home in the countryside”. Choose up to 5 (for super speed purposes).

Step 2 – Gather images which relate to your list from digital photo album. Look for photos within your digital album or social accounts (such as facebook) which remind you of good times and what you want to attract more of in your life. Also use keyword searches on Google Images to locate more relative pictures. For example I located images on google for how my ideal home would look like.

Step 3 – Save the images into folders categorized under relative headings using phrases in step 1

Step 4 – Create a Animoto Account (click here to goto Animoto). Upload images, add the phrases using the Text generator and select background music.

Step 5 – Once the Animoto video has been created share with your friends ; )

Please share and comment ; )

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