The Energise & Bless Your Food 30 Day Challenge

It seems that some cooks have a magical touch for creating meals that feel vibrant in energy and taste. So what is the secret? Well perhaps the answer is simpler than we can imagine.

In this video I interview the charismatic Conscious Chef (John Paul Brannan) who has been working within the food industry for 20 years and cooked for famous spiritual health centres.

On this video the Conscious Chef reveals:

  1. How we can heal ourselves by giving quality love and attention to the preparation of our food
  2. Why positive thoughts and intentions can actually change the molecular structure of food
  3. Tips to save lots of money with home prepared meals
  4. His story on how he healed up to 50% of a psoriasis skin condition which continues to improve
  5. PLUS the key steps to ENERGISING FOOD to boost nutritional quality, taste and much more….

So be prepared to leap new boundaries of thinking and develop a fresh insight for what Mama’s home cooking means. Here we go! Press the play button (the video screen expands).



About John Paul Brannan (The Conscious Chef)

John Paul Brannan (The Conscious Chef)Hi everyone!  I am the Conscious Chef – my name is John Paul Brannan and I come from Ireland where my adventure with food & energy began. I have worked in the catering industry for nearly 20 years at all levels.  I’ve always had a strong respect and love for food & energy, and what it can mean (and do) for us as humans & spiritual beings.

I feel my purpose is to show people how energising food can turn it into so much more than just fuel for our body, mind and spirit!  I am very excited about the new direction my journey is taking me and would love to bring as many people as possible along in this exciting ride.

Thank you for reading,

John Paul Brannan (The Conscious Chef)

CLICK HERE to see John Paul’s Conscious Creations Community on Facebook.

Paul’s ecstatic reaction to the Conscious Chef’s energised food

Hmm this is how I reacted after eating the delicious food prepared on the video. There are a couple of fun video cuts included.


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Are you ready for the 30 day challenge to energise & bless your food’?

The best way to experience this concept is to try it out for yourself for at least 30 days and see how you feel. Work together in the kitchen with your partner and family members and bless your food often. After all a happy family home is where everyone enjoys a quality meal together. Let us know how you get on with the food preparation and food energising techniques shared by the chef. Join the mission and share your experiences within the comments box below.

Interesting facts

Did you know that the human body is composed of between 50% and 80% water?

Dr Emoto (as mentioned in the video) claims that the revelation of our thoughts can influence the wellbeing of the planet, which is the main reason why he is conducting his research in the first place. He claims if humanity does not take responsibility to nurture food and water through such healing practices our planet will eventually become uninhabitable.

Food blessings have been a practice by Jews, Christians and Buddhist Monks. The tradition has existed for 1000’s of years and was evolved around the belief that what you give is what you receive in return.

The power of positive thoughts – Dr Emoto’s profounding discoveries

Dr Masaru Emoto has undertaken 20 years of experiments with water and has proven that the vibration of positive thoughts and intentions changes reality.

Emoto exposed water elements (collected from different parts of the world) to beautiful music and various words of positive intent, and studied the results through microscopic technology. As a result he has created a collection of water crystal photography which show a mysterious and sacred light aura of the elements when energies such as “love” and “Gratitude” are combined.

Dr Emoto has even proven that water actually has memory. His experiments were famously featured in the film What the Bleep Do We Know back in 2004, and he wrote the book called Messages from Water and the Universe.

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1  Share with us your views on the subject and any questions you would like us to answer.

2  If you found this video helpful, send a link to this video to at least two friends. It’s inspirational and helpful.

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  • Khrystle

    Reply Reply August 29, 2013

    This is one of my favorite topics! Love to see that there is a chef who really puts this into practice. I had gone to Bolivia a few years ago and ended up sick from eating and something in me changed where I became really fearful of eating and getting sick again. When I came back to the U.S., where I was finally allowed to have salads again, I had extreme anxiety about eating. Everything hurt my stomach and I would rather just not eat. One of the habits that I formed as a result of all of this was to thank my food with every bite that I would take. Part of me did this out of fear because I would thank it just hoping that nothing I ate would make me sick and that my body would be able to accept all of the nutrients. The other part of me said thank you because I am truly thankful for the sun who nourished my food, the people who helped harvest it, the people who help raise it, the nutrients that went into the food, etc. Still to this day before I take a bite of my food I close my eyes and thank everything for its existence and for the nutrients that my body will receive. Thanks for sharing this valuable info!!

    • Paul Grout

      Reply Reply August 29, 2013

      Hi Khrystle, you are so right. It’s amazing how the food and water can react to the positive thoughts and gratitude we provide. I also believe the same concept applies to dealing with illnesses. I discovered that when I show love and appreciation to something which makes me feel unwell, the recovery process becomes much faster. We have to accept and learn to be grateful for everything we have in order to keep moving. There is so much more we could talk about on this subject and more will come on this blog. I am so glad you discovered this 🙂

  • Jesicka Labud

    Reply Reply August 29, 2013

    Wow, Paul, this post and videos on it are truly eye opening. I’ve seen lectures in the past about water molecules changing (Dr. Emoto as you mention) when a group of people sent it love, but I didn’t apply that idea to my own personal life, especially about food! I am absolutely going to start practicing this now. How do I join your 30 day food blessing challenge? Are you going to have an accountability group for this challenge? BTW Loved, your reaction to the food in the 2nd video! 🙂

    • Paul Grout

      Reply Reply August 29, 2013

      Hi Jesicka, I am glad you are ready for the 30 day challenge. I hadn’t considered creating an accountability group, however its a great idea and will speak to the chef about this. You can start by energising water before you drink it with the belief that the energy you send to it will help you feel re-vitalised. What I found after a few days was an improvement to my skin and hair. I know this may sound strange but it certainly works. We recommend 30 days to integrate the habit into the lifestyle. Also what the chef talks about with giving quality attention to the preparation of our food is certainly good for health and money in the long run.

  • Susan

    Reply Reply August 31, 2013

    Hi Paul, this is lovely information! We went through a huge transformation in our eating habits a few years ago in our home when we switched to mostly plant-based eating. I never liked to cook before that, but now, if I have the energy for it, I really enjoy preparing food from fresh, healthy fruits, veggies, lentils, nuts, and beans. Though I have to admit that most of us don’t take the time to pause and say a blessing; we just dive in to the food.

    Recently I learned to do Reiki, and one use of Reiki is to use it on food before eating, to increase the nutritional value, and just make it even healthier. Reiki is Japanese for divine healing energy, or universal healing energy. When I practice it, I can feel the energy as it comes out of my hands. It’s all about peace, love and healing energy. In this video you show another way to generate this loving energy.

    I’m going to try to make it a habit to pause before eating, and send Reiki energy to my food and drink, along with saying a blessing. But not this month; I already promised elsewhere that I would only form 1 new habit a month. 😉

  • Amy Scott

    Reply Reply August 31, 2013

    This is really interesting! I too have heard about Dr. Emoto’s work. I think in some ways I do this in a very casual way, but from the opposite side, like thinking about how something is nourishing me when I eat or drink it. But I hadn’t thought about actually infusing it with that energy first! Brilliant. I’m definitely going to try this.

  • Renee Beauvais

    Reply Reply September 1, 2013

    I do energy work on myself, on others, on my cats, but never my food….
    (palm to head) duh….. I accept the 30 day challenge…. 🙂

    • Paul Grout

      Reply Reply September 23, 2013

      Hey Renee, thank for your comment. Let us know how you are getting on with the 30 day challenge and keep the cats happy 🙂

  • Wendy

    Reply Reply September 1, 2013

    Of all the daily good habits I work on in myself, feeling grateful for food hasn’t been one of them yet! How horribly ungrateful!

    I try to stick to postie thoughts, and do a daily gratitude journal, but not really over food consistently. I need to start doing this.

    Thank you Paul for the insight about appreciating and infusing eating and drinking with positive thoughts and vibes!

    • Paul Grout

      Reply Reply September 23, 2013

      Hey Wendy, I have been on a mission to energise my food everday since I met John Paul Brannan. It feels as if I giving some thing back. You know what they say, what you give is what you receive in return. I find that the food tastes better after being energised.

  • Michaela Cristallo

    Reply Reply September 1, 2013

    Wow Paul this was very interesting, it’s something new to me but very fascinating! I enjoy cooking but had never considered there might be bigger things at play in regard to positivity. Thanks for a very eye opening read!

  • Martin Labud

    Reply Reply September 1, 2013

    This sounds interesting. I never did it before, but I think it is worth a try.

    Food certainly does taste better when you look at it, think about it, and enjoy its presence before you just shove it in your face! I think maybe that’s because you’re giving some nice attention to the food. (love)

    In that way, I can see how food energizing could work – psychologically.

    • Paul Grout

      Reply Reply September 23, 2013

      Hi Martin, yes you are certainly right. Its all about giving kind attention to what nurtures us in life. Give the 30 challenge a go as I can definiately confirm it provides a wonderful feeling of being grateful.

  • Jo

    Reply Reply September 1, 2013

    Hi Paul, thanks for the great article. I am amazed by how little we know about these things, especially about water. Also once watched a documentary about water, energizing water, etc. and had forgotten all about it. Thanks for reminding me!

    • Paul Grout

      Reply Reply September 23, 2013

      HI Jo

      Check out Dr Emoto’s work on youtube. This gives a great insight into the concept for how water changes through positive intentions. I am glad you enjoyed this video. Keep rocking 🙂

  • Paula

    Reply Reply September 1, 2013

    Hey Paul, I so need to watch this over and over again. I am rubbish with my food and i know i should do better. Thank you for this because I will certainly be changing how I prepare etc. I know that for me to function well for me and for others I need to look after me. Thank you

    • Paul Grout

      Reply Reply September 23, 2013

      Hey Paula, I am glad you enjoyed this. Yes it certainly is worth watching again and again. I think that John Paul Brannan’s story on how he has been healing himself is amazing. There is something magical to this process, for sure 🙂

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