How well does the educational models of the 21st century nurture children’s creativity and innovation?

Creativity is one of the greatest gifts humanity has. The question is how well does the education system of the 21st century support children to find out what they are really good at?

Activities such as art, music and dance which involve self-expression, imagination and creative intelligence seems to be placed on the back-burner in comparison to maths and science. So has school killed creativity?

Highly tuned creative children are able to think out of the box as they are willing to try new things and step out of their comfort zones. So we would want our children to develop the belief and confidence that they are the creators of their lives, through their unique and diverse ways of thinking and innovation. This is especially important for allowing children to develop a business mind-set. I think that today’s economy needs innovation more than ever. Would you agree?

I would like to share with you two excellent videos which demonstrate why most educational models are systematically designed to suppress the creative capacities because they are more focused on preparing children for industrial work.

The first video artistically presents a speech from Sir Ken Robinson who shares his provocative views on how “Schools kill creativity”. Sir Robinson the author of several books on creativity including the excellent The Element – How finding your passion changes everything.

The video demonstrates how the creative and genius capability of a child normally deteriorates as they grow and develop with today’s standard of education. It should certainly push some buttons for thought.

Here is a second video showing a televised interview with Sir Ken Robinson which goes deeper into the subject.

Sir Robinson aims to make the case for a radical shift from standardised schools to personalised learning. I totally agree with what he says.

So are we paying enough attention to how the education system supports children to find out what they are really good at?

I would love to hear your views on this controversial subject within the comments box below.

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Paul Grout

I'm an coach and author of Creative Flow Evolution here to help you tap into your creative talents and natural flow to build a life you love.

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  • kumar

    Reply Reply February 24, 2013

    Hi Paul, Interesting stufff, but sad that policy makers do not realize what’s required. There is also no means of comparing the present system in the West with any other system, as we have managed to systematically eradicate all other educations systems elsewhere in the world to make them follow ours. Though we now understand that change is required, it is not incremental but transformational, which can upset the whole system leading to Chaos and possibly the destruction of our present day institutions and even the features of democracy and capitalism, which may or may not be for the better.

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