Life Story

The Life Story of Paul Grout

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To all those who take the time to read this, thank you.

Growing up and how self development helped me overcome life’s challenges.

I was born on 2nd September 1973 in Kings College hospital apparently in front of an audience of students who were there to learn about the care profession.

I recall a lot of my childhood; having enjoyed my time attending nursery and primary school within Kennington (England). I loved parks and nature and always wanted to venture to the unknown, or my parents would say “forbidden territory”. I considered myself to be brave and had a lot of desire to help others. I enjoyed the company of other children within in my first primary school, and often choose my friends well.

I attended Christ Church Primary School which had direct and firm approach for teaching. I enjoyed listening to the teachers during lessons, and always felt there was a general feeling of respect for others within the classroom. The school ran a Gold Star reward system to encourage recognition of learning efforts which helped me perform well. I started reading books with passion and was keen to impress the teachers even though most appeared stubborn in their own ways.

I would describe myself as a friendly kid (although certainly know to be a ginger rascal at times) who valued other kids. I supported children who appeared unhappy for whatever reason, and gave them encouragement to join the group activities. I was always running about, being adventurous and on the go. I had the tendency to jump in and challenge incidents of bulling within the playing field. Having a younger brother was a blessing and I enjoyed watching him grow up.

My Parents Influence

I was fortunate to have parents (Susan Jean & George Frederick Grout) who supported us in our development. I was not spoiled as a child, nor did I receive over solicitous attention. My parents provided good advice whenever when I approached them with my troubles.

I had no problems assisting others and enjoyed going shopping with my Mum and helping with the home chores. My Dad by profession Senior Systems Analyst, working for a merchant bank and my Mum worked part time within a social environment. Both parents had their own unique talents which I believe to have fortunately inherited. My mum was kind-hearted willing to do her best to help others, and always strived to have a positive outlook in life. My dad was very logical in his approach and taught me that should I commit to do something, then do it properly.

Age 7 Onwards & Re-locating

We moved to Abbey Wood within Kent. I did not enjoy the move as I felt I was leaving something valuable behind. I knew that I would not see my friends again which gave me great sadness. Abbey Wood was a pleasant environment with lot of parks and playing space. I felt as if people not as friendly or sociable as they were in Kennington. I often found it difficult to associate to others at the time.

During my years in Abbey Wood Primary School I was shy and a day dreamer most of the time. My mind would often wander during lessons. At the time I experienced learning difficulties due to my lack of focus and attention.

My First Computer

One day my Dad bought a ZX81 which one of the first ever home computers on the market. I recall this machine performing with a black and white picture image on the TV with no sound. I loved playing games and through my own accord started learning BASIC programming to create my own mini space invader games. Unfortunately, the school at the time did not have computers for educating kids.

A Passion for Music

My parents supported us with our passions, hobbies and interests and whatever we took into our hearts. My mum saved every penny of her earnings to purchase an old piano as she recognised our passion for music. She encouraged us to attend piano classes with a fairly strict and funny 85 year old private teacher. Our skills in musicianship developed due to the support of our parents and love for what we did.

Secondary School

During my the first few years at Thamesmead Secondary School I was not making much effort for my education, and therefore was not achieving results I needed. I felt unhappy at the time and was one day given a good personal leature by a young temp student teacher who stated “if you do not work hard now you will lose a good part of your youth by having to retake GCSE exams”. He also used a questioning method which made me think twice, and follow his way of thinking. I only met the temp teacher once and soon after decided to do my best during the remaining years of secondary school education.

This was a turning point for me as I worked hard within the classroom and spent quality time on homework I demonstrated my new found commitment to head teachers who eventually supported my move from the low grade English and Maths to the join the advanced classes. I enjoyed receiving recognition for my hard work, which gave the drive to do well.

1995 & College Years

I started overcoming my shyness when I started attending Bexley Collage and working part time for a social bingo club. I enjoyed studying business development and computing during these years.

Forming a band

I formed a band called Megalith consisting of my brother Barry Grout and friend Chris Evans. We created our original material which I would describe as atmospheric rock music. You can listen to examples of band demos from My space page. We performed at many venues and enjoyed every moment of the experience.

To continue………….