Putting the Universal Laws to the Test – The 100 Day Challenge

In this video I talk about my first week of the 100 day challenge to put the universal law of attraction to the test. I decided to really place my full intention to find new inspiring ways of making money just purely by utilising what I already have.

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A Musician’s Journey To Overcoming Procrastination Cartoon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create a CARTOON CHARACTER of YOURSELF and star a series? You can start designing a cartoon within a few minutes. It was a LOT of FUN creating a storyline with characters resembling people in my life. So here is a story about a musician who…

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What is Procrastination and how to avoid it

So what is procrastination? The meaning of procrastination “Well to tell you the truth I don’t feel very comfortable right now, and would prefer to give you my opinion when I am absolutely confident.

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Creative Flow Evolution Welcome Video - Do We Create Our Lives?

The Secret to Creative Flow for Manifesting Personal Success

Connect with me by using optin form on the right to receive regular updates on the project and exclusive access to the “7 Steps to Discovering Your Creative Flow” video series plus more. Read the video transcript You know there was a time when I could not play the piano. But now what I am…

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