3 Steps To Manifest Your Goals Into Reality

How to Energise & Manifest Your Goals Into Reality with The Power of Intention

Hey can I share a secret with you? Did you know that you can energise your intentions to manifest your goals into reality? Well everything you need to know will be revealed here.

If you would like to know a SIMPLE and SUPER-FAST method to blast away self doubt and supercharge your intentions so you can take confident action to achieve your goals then watch the video below.

I am sure you have heard of Dr Wayne Dyer (the internationally renowned author and speaker) who has provided many famous speeches on the The Power of Intention. Perhaps you have read his book.  However, did you know that you can actually ENERGISE YOUR INTENTIONS to manifest your goals into reality? 

How to supercharge your intentions 

Firstly how you spend the first part of your day determines how the rest of the day evolves and what you will accomplish.

Everyone has a routine in the morning. I think it’s best to KICK START the day by establishing strong and POWERFUL INTENTIONS for what you want achieve.

Top entrepreneurs and self development gurus including Tony Robins, Deepak Chopra and Dr Wayne Dyer share the same belief that we can achieve miracles when we frequently set powerful intentions to trigger focused action for our personal missions.

Everything you need to know to ENERGETICALLY SUPERCHARGE your daily intentions is fully explained in this video.

So all you need to perform this magic trick is a book, pen, your heart and a few minutes of your time.

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This fast and easy process will help you to:

1) Gain CLARITY and INSPIRATION to take focused action to achieve what you want
2) STRENGTHEN confidence to deal with any situation
3) Make you feel like a POSITIVE MAGNET for success
4) Program the subconscious mind to bring into awareness opportunities which support the desired outcome
5) RE-VITALISE THE ENERGY within your whole being to overcome doubts and make you feel that you are ALREADY A SUCCESS

I have used this technique to gain the confidence to overcome BIG challenges and create desired outcomes.

I created this process a few years ago by experimenting with a variety of Energy Healing practices and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques which I have used to strengthen my Creative and Productive Flow. I am sharing this purely because this stuff works.

Call me super crazy if you wish.  However, the technique is as simple to use as counting 1,2 and 3.

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Manifest your goals – video script

Hello. Welcome to Creative Flow Evolution, where creativity has no

We would all love to know simple, quick, and effective ways to keep our
spirits high, especially in this day and age. In this video, I’m going to
show you a really powerful and special technique, which not only
strengthens that inner spirit and belief that we can achieve what we want,
it also enhances our creative flow and gives us a sense of purpose for our

The process is as easy to use as counting 1, 2, and 3, and it works like
magic because it enhances our inner spirit and energy to attract what we
really want. Everything you need to know about this is going to be shown in
this video. All you need now is a book, paper, a pen, and your heart. Stay

Before I share this technique with you, which I’ll do so in a few minutes,
I first like to explain how and why it works, because with deeper
understanding, it’s more likely to be used. You’re going to know what I
mean when you start using the process with its immediate effect. Let’s
first talk about the power of intention. Intentions determine how we
interact with the world, and therefore, has an impact on our personal
success. You see, intention is purely a decision, which determines where
you place the energy, time, and focus upon. Whenever we lack intention, we
tend to go astray without meaning or direction. Without direction, we might
as well go, perhaps, run in the fields every day totally naked without a

As Wayne Dyer said in his famous speech, “Not one thing is created without
intention. Everything is interconnected.” We also know that energy is
everything, and where our thoughts go, energy flows. You see, all anger,
sadness, and even depression holds a certain energy inside us, which is
felt. Like attracts like. Negative energy attracts negative, and positive
attracts positive. What we want to be able to do at any time is to change
our thoughts and energy so that we’re constantly aligned with our highest
dreams and aspirations. Every day, intention setting does this.

Not only will we be connecting to our highest self, but also allowing the
subconscious mind to work towards a goal, through the reticular activating
system. For example, if you go and set an intention to go and buy a brown
and yellow car for the day, you’ll certainly notice how many yellow cars
are on the road, because that’s how the reticular activating system works.
It notices opportunities that trigger sensors to bring into our awareness
what we need to know. For sure, the forces of the universe align to support
even the most impossible intentions to become possible. Watch the film
‘Star Wars’, which actually supports this concept very well. What I’m
saying is, ideally, once we view our intentions on a daily basis so to
ensure that our focus is based on what we want to create in the immediate
and future basis, which is what Creative Flow Evolution is all about.

The first step is decide what you really want. It could relate to what you
want to achieve for the day. You may want to, for example, resolve a
current problem or issue you’re experiencing or you might want to feel
happy and in harmony with your daily activities. It could be you want to do
well at a job interview or have a lot of fun and success with a date with a
sexy man or woman. Just get inventive and get playful. What you want to
bear in mind is that the law of attraction works best with intentions that
allow a step-by-step development and are realistic. What I mean by this is
that winning a lottery ticket is not necessarily going to support that. Our
intention should be ecological and realistic, meaning that is has a power
of good behind it and the desired outcome will not intentionally harm
anybody. The reason for this is because the universal
laws of attraction support this much more powerfully. This is what this
step is all about.

The next step is to grab a piece of paper, or book, and write down
specifically what you want to achieve. Describe it in a context as if you
already achieved it. For example, imagine yourself standing there knowing,
feeling, experiencing that you’ve reached your goal. You’ve already
celebrated it. Write down what you visualize and feel as the end result.
I’ve used this on plenty of occasions, especially big challenges like going
for a job interview or having a gig performance in front of a lot of
people. An example of this: I set the intention to have an amazing gig by
imagining myself playing and singing on the guitar with ease, flow, and
harmony, and entertaining the many. The end result is you see people
dancing, smiling, interacting with us, and giving us compliments on our
performance. The more specific you are with your written intention, the
better. The reason for this is because you’re more likely to achieve it the
more clear you are, and the universal laws of attraction loves clarity of
intention, for sure. This is how this step works.

The next step is to hold the intention close to your heart, and feel and
imagine the energy of that intention circulating from your heart into your
whole body. Breathe slowly, relax, and allow yourself to send energy into
that intention. Feel the positive emotions with that outcome and allow the
energy to integrate into your being. When you do this, you’ll start to
notice the energy starts to change almost instantaneously, which helps you
feel like you’ve already achieved the outcome, which is really powerful
stuff. If you practice this on a daily basis with new intentions, you’ll
for certain feel energized and confident that you can create what you want
in life. You can achieve this within 5 to 10 minutes of your time. The more
you practice, the stronger it becomes, and instinctively, you know when
you’ve got enough energy inside of you because you start to feel fantastic.

The technique itself is fun, simple, and easy to use. It helps us to be
clear on our desired outcomes by reviewing what our intentions are for the
day. Really powerful. It helps us to feel that we are the creators of our
own lives. As Freddie Mercury sang plenty of times, “It’s a kind of magic.”

If you’ve enjoyed this video, you can obtain my super giveaway, which is a
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and practice every day. Just use the link below the video. If you feel
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using the buttons below. I’d like to say thank you for watching this video.
I hope you have a super-inspiring, creative day, and you achieve your
dreams. I’ll see you very, very soon.

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About The Author

Paul Grout

I'm an coach and author of Creative Flow Evolution here to help you tap into your creative talents and natural flow to build a life you love.


  • Sharron

    Reply Reply April 16, 2013

    I love the Law of Attraction-Deliberate Manifesting. Good article. I spend 30-45 m each morning mediating and uing deliberate manifestng. I havemanifested cars, money, houses ,and jobs. Love it! Oh, Ieven manifested my husband.
    Sharron recently posted..What are you doing to Get Noticed?My Profile

    • Paul Grout

      Reply Reply April 16, 2013

      Hi Sharron, I am glad you enjoyed the post. I also spend quality time meditating in the morning and before I go to sleep. What I also find useful is to create intentions for the next day before I go to sleep, and allow my thoughts and energy to become part of that intention. Writing up to 10 goals the night before is also very powerful and a good habit to create in order to plan my achievements for the next day. Keep creating Sharron and I very much enjoyed reading your article on your website :)

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