Creative Flow Songwriting Tips Video

How to Allow Your Creativity to Flow Freely for Successful Songwriting

Do you want to take your creative song writing talents to the next level?

So what are the secrets of the artists? Writing songs is one of the most fun, empowering and creative experiences we can have.

Such activities to share our passion, talent, and message to world is always exciting, especially when we find our flow of creativity.

Everyone at some point of their lives have produced or desired to write a song. There are few activities make us happier than those which get us into our “creative flow” that is, fully focused and involved in the process to the point of losing track of time. Song writing is certainly one of those activities that inspire us when we find our flow.

Anyone can learn to write songs but the challenge is many people block their creativity and find it hard to keep going. That where this new video comes in “The Creative Flow Songwriting Process”.

In this video, I interview talented song writer Katy Haymer on how we can overcome creative blocks to achieve a relaxed state of mind , enjoyment and flow for creative song writing.

This was one of the first videos I created when Creative Flow Evolution was all just an idea. So you can compare my video presentation to the more recent videos on creativeflowevolution so you can see how well I have grown as a video presenter. Well that’s what CFE is all about after all, to keep doing what we love until we reach our desired personal creative goals.

Enjoy, share & comment : )

Hey – what tips can you share on maintaining our flow of creativity? Do have any tips & suggestions to assist the creative songwriting flow process? Share your views on the subject within the comments box below.

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Paul Grout

I'm an coach and author of Creative Flow Evolution here to help you tap into your creative talents and natural flow to build a life you love.


  • Judith Kelly

    Reply Reply January 16, 2013

    Some excellent & helpful advice for songwriters. Lovely to hear Katy’s rendition of her own composition “Always”, which is a winner.

    • Paul Grout

      Reply Reply January 20, 2013

      Hi Judith, many thanks for your support. Katy’s original material is awesome. It was a pleasure listening to her on the day of recording. I am looking forward to creating more videos with Katy. Thanks again.

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