Why People Love CFE

Daniela Mallozzi (Singer & Song Writer)

Paul; I am so proud of you. Firstly, you physically look the best I have ever seen you since I’ve known you, so that’s evidence that you have ‘found your flow’. Plus, I believed every single word of what you said; and know that others will feel your excitement as I do after seeing that. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you and how much you will undoubtedly achieve. SHINE YOUR PASSIONATE LIGHT FOR ALL TO SEE!


Maria Gatinho (Founder of Corsets Boulevard Global)

Maria Gathino

Thanks so much for sharing your experience, ideas and inspiration; I’ve found your phrases and suggestions popping up and assisting my thoughts, at just the right times…. I look forward to seeing more videos!


DAVID P.D.HAYLOCK Teacher, Workshop Leader, Complementary Healer and Therapist for the Healing Trusts Healer Training Courses. haylo1@btinternet.com

Hello Paul, this project all looks and sounds fab, i really enjoyed your video, very inspiring to all who watch it. I will keep an eye out and stay connected,this is such a needed channel to the universe that you and your gifts are giving and guiding.